Thursday, July 7, 2011

A cup of tea

                                                                     Green tea

This teapot is the latest addition to our kitchen. Before we could use it for brewing some tea, it found a new home in my studio.

I painted it twice and am not yet satisfied with results :( The handle of the pot looks misaligned and the drapery is too flat.  I think I'll will be ready to give it another try after a cup of hot 'green tea' :)


  1. Hi Pragya, the teapots are lovely. I love painting still lives too. I derive great inspiration from Qiang Huang. He has a lovely blog on blogger.

    I have changed my blog to . My old blog address is being used by someone else and it is appearing as VINAYAK DESHMUKH ART in everyone's bloglist which is not correct. Please make the necessary changes.
    Thank you,

  2. Thanks Vinayak :) I am also a huge fan of Qiang's work ..

    I see vd-art has been replaced by pencilsandbrushes on my blog list. I hope the issue was sorted out and you didn't lose any data :(