Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vine charcoal on paper

I STRUGGLED with this sketch :( Frustrated ? Yes!..but too exhausted and sleepy to vent it. I shall go to bed now ...tomorrow will be a new day, a fresh canvas and a better sketch :)) AMEN!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The squint and the wrinkle !

5X5 Oil on canvas
I like it hot 

6X6 Oil on canvas
Lemon from fool's garden

I want to create great art. I want people to see it, touch it and have an emotional response . As an artist it is vital that one has something to say, but it is equally important how one says it. And I sure want to say it beautifully :) 

In my pursuit to do so, I am training myself to see better, to see more, to see differently - to SQUINT. I would like to talk a little about squinting today - a technique where the artist brings the eyelids together and sees through the eyelashes to get an impression of the object. The idea is to catch the abstract image,  get rid of the details.With correct values, temperature and leaving out the details, the artist creates an illusion of the object. The more one can simplify the object the more one has mastered the technique. 

In my quest to leave out the details  I have started working on tiny pieces to train my eyes. Hours of squinting have left me with strained eyes, signs of a faint wrinkle on my nose and lost sleep over the wrinkle :( But then..what are a few wrinkles in the purusit of art ? I shall leave you with the thought.