Saturday, June 18, 2011

The morning after


This is one of my older paintings. Almost a year old! I didn't like it much when I painted it...and today I think I know why :) The edges are too defined all through the figure! 


  1. You've found a new direction. I personally think it is nice, not necessarily wrong, just because the lines are "too defined". It's just a matter of taste.
    I took a couple of art classes at the local university and the profs there were horrified to see..."art workshops". They think they "kill" individual creativity when they "force" their style on people. I attend a couple of workshops, more to see how to find my own inclination.

  2. So now you know the reason :) Its a good thing!

  3. @Anonymous - I like your perspective :) I agree going by the rules can sometimes be limiting....

    @Ramesh - It definitely is :)

  4. its said, any genuine expression of art whatever be the medium is an manifestation of the artist's subconscious...dont understand the intricacies of painting but this to me is painfully captivating..too transparent and too opaque at the same time

  5. i love this one...i guess the strakness and the definition in the lines is required as the emotion behind the paiting is quite harsh... I feel a sense of pain and remorse from this painting which almost touches my the way the feet and the body is curling upon the sheet as if to find protection behind it...good stuff Pragya...:)