Tuesday, June 21, 2011


                                                                     Original art -Oil on Canvas

There are days of absolute despair in an artist's life...when after hours of effort a painting doesn't work, and one can't figure out how to make it work . I often have days like these and  many of my paintings do not make it to my blog :( In fact, I keep joking with my artist friends of having a big bonfire to get rid of piles of bad work :)

This painting gave me a very hard time . I wiped out the painting twice..and after two failed attempts I decided to give one final try. I am glad I like it now...and it makes up for the bad days.

My friends, the only way to make a painting work is to keep trying. Good Luck to all you folks there :)


  1. For those who keep trying, it does pay off. I love the colors and his face is quite expressive. I've got the feeling he's staring at me as I'm typing this comment :0)

  2. @Millie - Thank you ! :)I hope the stare isn't bothering you :O)