Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Figurative - untitled !

Nupastel on paper (The colors in this photograph are a little washed out)

I have painted many nudes, but the piece below made me uncomfortable. It bothered me in my sleep and I was up early this morning trying to figure out what exactly didn't seem right !The girl looked a bit too vulnerable for my comfort. Had a few of my critics ( my family is my only critic ;)) look at it....and we all share the same emotion.  I decided to dress her up a little ...definitely looks better.What do you think?

               Nupastel on paper

The human form is an unending source of inspiration ....I see immense beauty and try to capture it on canvas. Each model brings in her character, her mood to the sketch ..I sensed a vulnerability in my model today.Probably, because she hasn't posed for many artists before. Am not giving a can be restrictive. I leave it to you, the viewer :)


  1. Outstanding paintings and drawings. I love your figure studies.
    Best wishes,

  2. Now... this looks really nice. Does justice to your efforts.

  3. @Vinayak - Thank you :) Do you paint as well?

    @Shweta - Thanks for your candid feedback!

  4. Wonderful
    thank you for sharing