Saturday, January 15, 2011

Charcoal on paper 
 In this sketch I was aiming for simplicity..minimum strokes and details.That is sort of a challenge for me because I am drawn to the details.  A detailed realistic sketch can be very static..loose bold strokes make it more dynamic and generate visual interest. There will be many more of these charcoal sketches on my blog as I try to loosen my strokes. 
Btw, I've ordered Henry Yan's Figure Drawing book. It has a compilation of his sketches. I can't wait to see it..will be an absolute treat to the eyes.


  1. Great work!! All your paintings oozes of sensuality.According to me, most of the painting depict very feminine aura. It will be interesting to see you paint someone who is equally feminine in terms of anatomy but a tomboy in attitude.

  2. @ Anonymous - Thanks ! That is a good suggestion..I will try that sometime.